The Christian Coalition of Alabama is a 501c4 nonprofit organization committed to promoting and pursuing the application of Christian principles to public policy that is devoid of partisan politics and convey reasonable conservative solutions.


Join the Christian Coalition of Alabama as We Step up our fight to Save Alabama


Our nation is in deep trouble and so is our beloved Alabama. The radical left in Alabama has been emboldened by the Obama administration and is trying increasingly to undermine our Alabama institutions and values and force us to conform to their ungodly agenda. They are well funded, well organized and vicious. I faced their wrath as Executive Director of Christian Coalition of Alabama, because we oppose the radical abortion element in Alabama. As a result they had their radical friends in Washington target my family and me by posting the map coordinates of my home on a combination map and aerial photograph and put it on their website and labeled it as a “target”, no doubt in my mind hoping some of their lunatic fringe would silence us.


Some of these people are part of a strong statewide coalition that includes nearly 200 groups, largely, funded by outsiders like the Ford Foundation who give large contributions so they can hire community organizers and pursue what they call “social justice,” a code word for Socialism....another way of saying that government is their god. They boast privately of their ability to have hundreds of phone calls placed to every legislator in under an hour from the time they say “go,” something we cannot do. Some of them label Christian groups as “hate groups” for opposing homosexual “marriage” on Biblical grounds. When we scheduled a press conference outside the State House in Montgomery when our scheduled time came we found that we and the State House were encircled by a hundreds of Hispanic people yelling in Spanish in protest of Alabama’s immigration law. Even after they completed their march around the State House they stood nearby interrupting our event with their loud disrespectful talk in Spanish. They have increased the number of these rallies at the Capitol from one to three a year as they become more aggressive.


The pressure is on to change Alabama into something we don’t want and unless we wake up and get serious about defending our state we are going to lose it.


We, the Christian Coalition of Alabama are taking on this fight the Lord’s way with our 2014 Action Plan as we call on all Alabamians of good will to join us in our fight to save Alabama. In coming weeks we’ll be sharing more on our seven Campaigns to Save Alabama that are listed below:

• Spiritual

• Life

• Family

• Education

• Health

• Poverty

• Political and Economic


It’s time we wake up and defend Alabama as we fight back the Christian way with prayer, Christian action and the truth. We hope you’ll join us!

Christian Coalition Alabama, 451 Saint Lukes Drive, Montgomery, Alabama

Christian Coalition Alabama is a 501(c)(4) Organization